5 Life Skills Your Toddler Learns At Prekindergarten


Learning life skills at an early age can prepare your child for success and self-reliance. With the right life skills in place, your toddler can easily transition from Pre-K to Elementary School. It’s safe to say that learning life skills is an important part of their prekindergarten journey.

What are Prekindergarten life skills?

Life skills help to equip a toddler with all they need to succeed in life and become their own unique individual person. Things like manners, how to tie shoelaces, and how to share with others are some of the things we teach at Providence Children’s Academy. Not only are these skills essential for equipping your children for life, but learning these lessons will help your toddler gain self-confidence and a growth mindset from a young age.

1. Learning Manners

One of the most important life skills to start teaching toddlers from a young age is their manners. It’s essential for them to learn to say please when they are asking for something, and thank you when they receive what they are asking for. Learning how to greet and acknowledge other people, especially adults and parents are important as they develop into young adults.

2. Dressing and Undressing

You may not believe it, but learning how to get dressed and undressed is a life skill that we learn at a very young age. This also includes the skill of learning to tie shoelaces. They may still need help with outfit selection and putting the clothes on, but this life skill will set them up to manage other chores along the way and teach them to be proud and confident.

3. Cleaning Up and Washing Hands

Cleaning up their toys after playing is a big accomplishment for a little person. Washing hands before eating also falls into the category of cleaning up after themselves. Teaching children about germs is also helpful so they understand why it’s important to wash their hands before eating

4. Handling Money and Planning

This may seem crazy, but toddlers can learn how to manage money and plan from an early age. You can teach them money managing principles by teaching them to negotiate, and by using toys to demonstrate value exchange. The skill of planning and thinking in this way will exercise their brains and expand their ability to problem solve.

5. Relationships with Others

At prekindergarten, your child will be exposed to other babies, toddlers, and adults. This is an amazing space for them to learn how to relate with others, set personal boundaries, and communicate their needs, and feelings with others. Learning how to relate with others is important, as they also learn how to share. Conflict resolution is also a key skill that they will learn while developing little relationships. This will give children the confidence, to be honest, and kind.

At Providence Children’s Academy, we are passionate about the early development of your toddlers and are able to teach them valuable life skills that will carry them through the rest of their lives. Get in touch with our Coconut Creek Preschool today for more information today at 954-570-6914.

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