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The time between after school and dinner can be challenging for most parents to manage – especially busy parents. Although your kids have been at school all day, it is still important to use this time wisely and fill it with some fun after school activities, instead of simply sitting them in front of a screen for a few hours.

Whether your kids are looking to burn off some energy with some physical exercise, or wanting to explore their creative side, you can find a fun after school activity for every day of the week!

Our childcare experts have put together a list of fun after school activities that are suitable for busy parents, and for parents who are looking to spend quality time with their kids after school.

Creative After School Activities For Kids

Ready to have fun and learn something new? Here are just a few of Providence Children’s Academy’s favorite after school activities.

1. Create A Rainbow Poem

This is a fun activity that teaches your child about the world of poetry and the colors of the rainbow. This can be a good exercise for parents to do with their children or have them do it on their own if they are a bit older!

The way it works is to get your child to start by picking their favorite color crayons and to write a sentence describing each color (it doesn’t have to rhyme!). Then once they have all of their sentences, they can put it together on a piece of paper in the shape of a rainbow with one line after the other – writing in a different color each time. The end result is beautiful!

2. Put On A Puppet Show

Have your children create their very own puppets and then perform a show for you, or with you!

This activity is easy to do and really gets them to tap into their creative side. All you need are some goodies for them to create some simple puppets. Think about using an old pair of socks, a paper bag, some old stuffed animal toys, and some color marker pens, and you’ll have them creating their very own puppet in no time.

This type of activity is great for elementary school children and is perfect for siblings to do together.

3. Bake Something Together

Most children long to be able to do what they see their parents doing and know they can’t do it on their own because they’re a kid. One of the things kids love to do with grown-ups is bake delicious treats to eat. This is a great activity to do with your kids if you have some time to spare, and the best part is that you both get to enjoy the end result.

Baking is a great activity to do with kids of all ages. If you want something easy with the least amount of mess, then cookies are a simple and enjoyable baking experiment.

Physical After School Activities For Kids

Let’s get physical with these after school games!

1. Create An Obstacle Course

An obstacle course is a wonderful activity for kids who love a physical challenge and are still bursting with energy the minute they get home from school. This is a great activity for kids of all ages, and you can make it as easy or as complicated as you need, to suit your kids.

You can create an indoor course using pillows, chairs and blankets, or take them outside and use their toys, garden furniture and anything else you can think of. If your kids are old enough, you can even get them to help which will make them be even more excited about the finished result.

2. Have A Dance Party

Dancing is an absolutely fantastic way of burning off some energy and is a great form of exercise for kids of all ages. You can simply turn on some pop hits and have your kids dance it out, or you can have them make up their own routine to perform for you later. You can also make it into a game by having them freeze in position or making them sit down when the music stops. There are even some great dancing apps like Just Dance where they can dance along to a routine and will keep them occupied for hours!

3. Create A Scavenger Hunt

Bring out your kids’ detective sides by sending them on a scavenger hunt around the house or backyard. Create a list of random objects for them to find and offer them a reward for finding them all! They can even dress up as their favorite detectives and have them take on different characters. Be sure to let them know where it is safe to search and set some ground rules so that they don’t wander off anywhere they shouldn’t be.

After School Care With Providence Children’s Academy

The After-School Care program at Providence Children’s Academy is centered around fun activities that promote the holistic development of your child. These activities combine the physical, creative and emotional wellbeing of your child, so that you can feel confident your child is receiving the care they would as if they were in their own home.

Contact us at 954-570-6914 to find out more about our after-school program or visit our Facebook Page to see how we can make those hours after school a fun-filled time for your child.

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