Beam Brings Interactive Learning To A New Level

Interactive Learning

As a parent, you always want the best for your child – ensuring that they receive a good foundation that could give them a head start to a brighter future is part of that. Children are known to respond better with interactive learning by using their senses and interacting physically in the tasks they need to complete.

Technology is constantly advancing to helps us complete our tasks efficiently, but it is also a good tool to use in the early education system. A perfect example of this is BEAM, which is a product used in educational spaces where it allows children to engage with their environment through a state-of-the-art projection screen that also has motion sensors.

The BEAM device turns a regular floor into a virtual outdoor playground or whatever game you choose. This product uses the known fact that children learn better through dynamic methods and not just traditional ones. Schools that incorporate this product understand how rewarding innovative and dynamic learning is for your child.

Advantages Of using Beam In Early Learning

Progressive teaching with visual aids and auditory aids or any method that stimulates a child’s senses is beneficial for your child’s learning experience, even more so with using products like BEAM. The BEAM product is where children are not only excited by this kind of technology but they also develop a willingness to learn.

This product incorporates education and play time into one. This combination works wonders on a child’s learning ability. The games used by this product, are not meant to be a distraction but rather a tool for furthering the success of your child’s early education. The usage of this tool does not mean your child will not have any contact with the trained teachers, the teachers use this instrument as an aid or a way to facilitate your child’s learning.

The benefits of using an interactive education tool in preschool curriculum are:

  • Increased attention span.
  • Increased social skills, as your child interacts with other children.
  • Increased willingness to learn.
  • Allows for stimulating education in safe, healthy and supportive space.
  • Increased understanding.
  • Increased cognitive abilities.

How To Ensure The Effectiveness Of The Beam Product

The benefits of interactive products like the BEAM are only seen when the preschool does not solely rely on this visually interactive aspect of teaching. Quality preschools have trained staff that will interact with your child to increase their social and emotional skills and their use of visual and auditory aids to help your child understand what they are taught.

Preschools should allow for your child to grow at their own dynamic rate, and give them an encouraging and safe environment to learn. It is very important for your child to feel comfortable at the preschool that they are enrolled in. It is equally as important that your child is taught using traditional and new methods combined. At Providence Children’s Academy, with the new addition of the BEAM product, interactive preschool learning is encouraged and effectively integrated into their teaching style.

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