What Should My Child Learn At Preschool?


When the time comes for your child to attend their first day of preschool, as a parent, being confident in your choice of early childhood education program is critical.

Knowing what your child should learn at the start of their school journey is a large part of the confidence you need. After all, every parent wants to know their child is getting the best start to their educational career in every possible way. Preschool offers kids the solid foundations they need to thrive in life, school, their careers, and more.

Read on to learn more about what your child should be learning in preschool.

A Strong Focus On Emotional Development

Emotional intelligence has become a hot topic in recent years. Nurturing a healthy EQ starts as early as preschool. A good program will have tools in place for children to develop emotionally, not only to develop social skills but to grow in self-regulation and cope with everyday life.

Life isn’t easy, but children need a safe space to grow in their ability to process circumstances, gain resilience, and regulate their own emotions. This ability helps with greater self-awareness and helps boost self-confidence.

Interpersonal And Social Skills

Have you ever heard a parent say about their toddler, “She is so ready for school!”?

Sometimes children start school early out of necessity because their parents work full-time. Other families send their children to school a little later and wait to feel entirely ready to take the plunge as a family. Let’s face it, sending your child to school is a big step for the child, and for the parents!

There are many things that parents look for in preschool. Some of these factors include wanting to expose their children to the beauty of friendship, social skills development, and the chance to form a unique identity. This happens in part when young children are confident interacting with other people.

From day one of their educational journey, children should learn how to share and consider others’ feelings. Through this, they will also develop harmonious friendships with those who are different from them.

Cognitive Development

Many of the skills and knowledge your preschooler will learn starts in their early education program. Below are some of the top skills that will boost your child’s cognitive development, setting them up for a lifetime of success.

Language And Communication Skills

The perfect time for children to learn about language and communication is from the age of one. They start using their first words at around this age and make associations between words, meanings, and even body language in the early learning phases.

When children are around others in their age group, there’s a natural desire to communicate with one another. When children attend a nurturing school they will quickly make friends, which means that their language and communication skills will almost kick in naturally.

Creativity And Imagination

Imaginative play, arts and crafts, and other visionary activities go a long way in developing well-rounded young thinkers. When children think creatively outside of the box, this stretches their cognitive thinking in new ways. Imaginative play coupled with arts and crafts time is a win for children at young ages.

Arts and crafts can also be therapeutic and calming, no matter your age. If you’re looking for something to do with your children as a way to bond, consider looking for a fun arts and crafts project to try out.

Some of the benefits of creative and imaginative play include:

  • Social skills
  • Emotional development and regulation
  • Fostered independence
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased creativity

Early Math And Problem-Solving

In the early education years, children learn the very basic foundations of early mathematics. They do this through association games and other activities that spark logical and analytical thought. Learning how to see the differences and similarities between objects is a helpful way to develop mathematical thinking. Some of the activities we plan in the preschool classroom will nurture the mathematicians and scientists of the next generation.

Fine And Gross Motor Skills

It may often seem like fun and games, but there’s no better place to learn than with other children, passionate teachers, and a heap of fun activities that stimulate growth. Doing puzzles, art, and playing outdoor games all contribute to fine and gross motor skills development.

Listening Skills

This is music to the ears of every parent! If your child can learn to listen, then all your problems would be solved, right? Aside from sometimes being imperative for survival, listening is a crucial part of educational development. Coupled with language and communication development, learning to listen and follow simple instructions is a great skill to have from as young as possible.

What Differentiates Providence Children’s Academy From Other Preschools?

As a family-friendly, hands-on, and curriculum-based school, Providence Children’s Academy in Coconut Creek strives to make learning as fun as possible while empowering children and parents to thrive.

Our licensed and experienced staff accommodates children with different learning needs while also providing a safe and caring space for learning. Additionally, our playground is toxin-free and antibacterial. We value the health and well-being of our little ones!

Nicole Rachel
Nicole Rachel
Cannot say enough good things about this daycare. All the teachers and front office are so nice, caring and accommodating. Sending our kids here was the best decision we made!
The best preschool in Broward! Mr. John and his staff are truly amazing at what they do. He takes time to not only get to know the children that come to his preschool, but the parents as well! He’s very proactive with the families, and is so welcoming to all. The school is very clean, the teachers are so nice, and the front office staff are always a pleasure. I highly recommend this place, and trust them wholeheartedly with my children.
Diane Ware
Diane Ware
Safe, loving Place for our babies!
Krystal Rumph
Krystal Rumph
I absolutely love this school. The curriculum is on point... my son loves it and does not want to leave. This is his last year and I’m actually sad that he has to move on to a higher level but I’m also proud that he has the knowledge to move forward. Very innovative in finding new ways for the kids to learn.
Yaritzza Gonzalez
Yaritzza Gonzalez
My daughter started here at 3 months and I don’t regret it at all. The staff is amazing, very caring, and the owners are great as well. Anything that’s going on they will let you know right away, & not to mention they have cameras :) I would watch the cameras literally all the time and now I forget that I even have it because I trust Ms. Ana & Ms. Barbara with my babygirl so much. This school is definitely a blessing ❤️
Dan A
Dan A
The owners are great and have always been extremely helpful, caring and fair to us. The teachers and staff are awesome and the kids love it here. I would recommend this school to any friend or family member. Starbucks, gas station and Sawgrass entrance right next to it make this place incredibly convenient as well.
Corlene Hickman
Corlene Hickman
Love our second family at Providence!

Nurture A Love For Learning At The Best Preschool In Coconut Creek

Preschool is about more than just education. It should be a safe space where everyone feels welcome, where children can grow in unique ways, and be celebrated for who they are and what they learn. The classroom should create learning opportunities for children so they gain the tools they need for the rest of their school career, and in life.

At Providence Children’s Academy, we strive to cover all the bases as well as ensure parents’ hopes, dreams, and expectations. From their very first day, we strive to fulfill these dreams for your children, keeping you updated on their progress.

To learn more about our early childhood curriculum, or to schedule a tour of our Coconut Creek Preschool Facility, call us today at 954 570-6914.

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