Create A Learning Environment At Home For Your Preschooler


Did you know that preschoolers enjoy learning at preschool even more when their home is also a learning environment? It’s known that a calm and safe environment is a wonderful space for children to grow in their love for learning.

In fact, this kind of environment stimulates their overall mental development – including cognitive processing, emotional, motor skills, and language skills. When parents can support a healthy, safe learning environment for their children at home, they’re helping their children in the long run.

Below are some ideas for how you can nurture this kind of brain-boosting love for learning and creative space in your home in simple ways.

Special Attention, Intentional Connection, And Emotional Support

One of the best ways to nurture a free learning space in your home is to make sure your child receives special attention, a celebration when they achieve something, and that real intentional connection with loved ones.

Emotional support is the most important aspect of a child’s education. They need to know they are loved, supported, and not alone in their growth journey.

Take time to make eye contact and tell your children how important they are. Remind them that they have an amazing purpose in the world. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them every day.

These simple moments can create a lifetime of happy memories and amazing cognitive growth.

Provide Access To Reading And Learning Material

If you don’t own many books or puzzles then loan some from close friends, family, or your local library. Giving children books to read and look at is a great way to nurture their language development skills and will help them to make more sense of the world around them.

Look for books on counting, colors, farm animals, wild animals, and short story books.  Reading together is also great for connecting with your children while they learn.

Nurture Their Sensory Development Through Exposure

Sensory development is important for preschoolers as they are still learning so much about the world around them and what their different senses mean.

Provide them access to different touch, taste, smell, sight, and listening resources at home. This will help keep them curious and point their curiosity in the right direction.

Set Up Creative And Learning Spaces

When there is a dedicated learning or creative space, you make it much easier for your child to enjoy the learning process. Creating a space like this can nurture your preschooler and their specific learning method, too.

Set up a tidy workspace for your preschooler and watch them thrive in their love for doing activities and playing educational games. You could have a small table set up with paper and colored pencils or paints and then use the same space to play various educational games with them.

Outdoors there could be a sand pit or an allocated spot for water play. These setups will also help teach your children to take responsibility for cleaning up in the long run.

Keep A Good Routine In Place

Most children thrive in a well-structured daily routine. It removes the anxiety of not knowing what’s coming next and nurtures a safe space for calm, peaceful time, and emotional stability.

Keeping the routine in place makes children feel safe and secure, which helps them to learn easily and become more creative.

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