Different Stages Of The Learning Years

stages of learning years

When it comes to selecting the right care for your child, you should be choosing a safe environment that caters to their wellbeing, growth and education. It should stimulate their minds and bodies and their social and emotional side. Understanding how your child behaves and what they enjoy doing is important when choosing where your child spends their day, especially during their early learning years.

What Are The Different Stages Of The Learning Years?

From infancy, children experience multiple changes in their brain’s development. A child’s environment and their interactions have a big role in this growth, which makes your choice in child care a very important one. From birth to the age of 2 years, children go through what is known as the sensorimotor stage of development. During this stage, their senses (especially those related to touch) are developed, as they learn about the world. From infancy to 18 months, your child sees the world through their senses. Using touch, smell, sound, sight and taste, your child gathers information. The stage of 2 through to 7 years old is known as the preoperational stage, in which a child develops memory and an increase in imagination. They begin to understand the concept of symbolism and time (such as past, present and future) and other aspects of life.

What Should You Look Out For In Child Care?

As each child is different and how they respond to their caregivers/teachers during their learning years can differ. Your child needs teachers who are intuitive to children’s needs and who are able to connect with your child to make sure they are getting the most out of their education and formative years, vital aspects for nurturing all areas of growth. Children tend to learn in different ways, some are visual while others respond better to touch and sound.

The developmental stages coincide with the learning years of your child’s life. And as these formative years occur as they progress from infant to preschool (with research pointing to age 3 as very important year for development), it makes sense that they should be explored in an encouraging environment. During these years your child learns routine, habits, sharing, exploring boundaries in a safe environment, play and discipline. A vital aspect of these learning years is problem solving, which helps children to develop their minds in a fun way. In order for your child to mature, they should be stimulated by the teacher, without being overwhelmed. It’s all about interaction- rather than making the sole purpose to teach and educate, your child should be encouraged to explore and question and observe.

How Do Your Child’s Needs Differ In The Next Stages?

In the next stage, your child is starts to define who they are. These means they need activities that help to inspire their vocabulary and imagination. At your child’s preschool facility, it’s important that they get enough attention, especially that there is a suitable adult to child ratio, that there are enough activities and toys that encourage solo and group play, and that these toys and activities help to foster problem-solving skills.

Once your child reaches preschool level, they will need a lot of stimulation. From toddlerhood they now encounter a world of exploration and more formal learning. Painting, drawing, playing, dancing and moving help to keep them busy. It’s important that they are kept busy with numbers, music and letters, in class and after school care (especially for kindergarten-aged children). This is the age to get them interested in arts and crafts and outdoor activities such as riding bikes and playing sport. Your child will be happy to know that during this stage in the learning years, the most important mode of development is through play. Stimulating their imagination helps to develop their creativity.

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