Fun Exercises To Keep Preschool Children Moving This Summer

Preschool Children

During the summer break, children just want to relax and have fun, but because of the era we live in today, this involves watching TV, playing video games or using some other device that does not require them to put in much effort or movement. This summer, you can prevent your child from spending endless hours in front of the television or computer by involving them in indoor as well as outdoor exercises or games that will get them on their feet and up and about.

These games are a great way to get everyone in the family, and not just the children, active and away from the screens for a bit. Most preschool children have lots of energy and are fascinated by things that are fun and interesting, so the key in getting them involved in these games is to make the activities appealing to them, whether it’s the use of bright colored objects or fun sing -along songs, these games need to captivate in order for them to participate.

Examples Of Games Your Child Can Play This Summer

There are many age appropriate games and exercises that you can do with your child, an advantage these games is that they can be performed indoors as well as outdoors. So, you can’t use the hot Florida sunshine as an excuse to avoid getting up and moving. These games don’t need large amounts of space, which is good because this ensures that even if you don’t have a lot of space in or outside your home, you and your family can still partake in these exercises. Here is an example of games you child can play this summer:

  • Jump Rope

    This is a fun game/exercise where a person jumps over a rope that they swing over and under them repeatedly. Alternatively two other participants can hold either end of the rope while another person jumps over the rope in the middle of the two people. This game can also be played while singing fun sing-along songs.

  • Animal Races

    This game is where you pretend to be a type of animal and race other people. e.g Hopping like a bunny, squat and waddle like a duck, etc.

  • Hula-Hoops

    This is an enjoyable activity where a child can use a hula- hoop to spin it around their body from the momentum they provide by rocking back and forth pushing their hip and stomach forward, and slightly shifting their weight as it spins around their waist. This is easier to do then explain, so it will probably be best if you can demonstrate this to your child. It is also important that you purchase the right size of hula-hoop for you and your child. It is recommended that you purchase bright colored hula-hoops for children to grab their attention.

  • Hopscotch

    Use chalk or tape to make a pattern on your floor or outside your building that your child can hop in.

  • Tickle Tag

    Chase your children around until you catch them and then tickle them. You can also give them the opportunity to chase, catch and tickle you.

  • Simon Says

    This is a fun game that helps develop listening skills. Someone will tell the rest of the group to perform an action, but in order for them to do the act, the person must have said “Simon says” in the beginning of their sentence. This is a great game to play with the whole family.

  • Hallway Bowling

    This game involves filling up bottles with water and using any ball you have to try and knock them over. This game is also ideal for the whole family.

Benefits Of Keeping Preschoolers Active During The Summer

During the summer months that your child is away from school it is important to keep them active and healthy using these fun exercises and games. These games ‘exercise’ the body as well as the mind.  A stimulated brain will allow for better memory, a positive mood, increased concentration and boosted motivation and self-confidence.

The summer break is also an opportunity for your child to maintain friendships, you can facilitate a play- date where your children and their friends can all participate in these games, and it’s most likely that everyone will be left tired and laughing after attempting just a handful. These games will allow your child to bond further with his/her friends and also possibly make new friends.

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