Summer Camp Boredom Busters For Children

Summer Camp

Summer time can be stressful for many parents. Every year, parents need to rediscover ways to keep their children entertained during their summer break. At the start of the break, children are very excited, but this can quickly change and turn into boredom – leaving you and your child frustrated.

Planning ahead is crucial to ensure that your family has a memorable summer. For parents who work, spending every day of the summer with your kids simply is not an option. For parents who do not, setting out daily activities that are educational and entertaining can be very challenging. Summer camps are the perfect fit!

Here we take a look at 5 summer camp activities that will keep your child entertained all summer long.

1. Field Trips

Field trips take learning outside the classroom. When children go on field trips, they are energized and excited to be in a new environment. The trips allow children to get to know their home town, build memories and gain knowledge in way that intrigues their curious minds.

2. Sports

Physical activity is an important part of early childhood development. Sports not only benefits your child’s physical development; it can also be used to teach important emotional and social skills. At summer camp, children spend a lot of time working and playing in teams. As they play, they have fun while gaining skills they would not have if they spent the summer away from other children and with increased screen time.

3. Activities in Nature

According to the Council of Learning, outdoor play is important because it teaches children to respect nature and imparts a deeper understanding of their environment and the world they live in. These lessons learnt as children shape their adult opinions and ultimately, the way they will engage with our planet. At summer camp children learn and play in nature, allowing them to see science up close.

4. Water Fun

Children love having fun in the sun and even more so if there is water to splash around in. At summer camp, children are taught about the value of water in a fun way. They are also taught water safety skills that benefit them beyond preschool. Children who cannot swim are taught in a safe, nurturing environment surrounded by their peers, this way everyone is a part of the fun.

5. Crafts

Encouraging your child to be creative is another way of helping them develop. Through art children learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way. When crafting your child will make creative things, but also pieces that serve a function. By creating these things, children’s confidence can increase and they are also taught useful technical skills. Learning about how things are made and how they function assists with cognitive development, while expressing themselves develops their softer skills. At summer camp, crafting forms part of our program and children get to share the things they have made with their families.

During summer vacation, you could be tempted to prioritize fun over learning, but keeping your child in a routine that they are familiar with will benefit them in the long run. Summer camp is a great way to ensure that your child is learning and having fun every day. At Providence Children’s Academy, our curriculum extends to our summer camps too. Our camps are filled with activities designed to enhance children’s interpersonal and cognitive skills. Contact us today to secure your child’s spot at this year’s summer camp.

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