Getting Your Preschooler Ready For Kindergarten


The transition to kindergarten can be a huge change for the typical preschooler. Not only is it a transition into a larger classroom setting, but it’s also a new school. Every child reacts differently to these types of changes, and some may find it more challenging than others. Here are tips for getting your preschooler ready for kindergarten.

Arrange a Kindergarten Visit for Your Preschooler

When visiting a new school, it’s important that you visit the gym, cafeteria, playground, and other areas of the school. Get to know your child’s new teacher if possible. It’s common for a meeting with the teacher to be incorporated with school orientation.

Read With Your Child

While kindergarten is a place with lots of playtime, it’s also where your child will learn the basics of math, reading, and writing. When you read with your child, it helps to build the groundwork for learning in kindergarten. It also helps to build your child’s listening skills.

Practice Skills for Kindergarten

During the summer months, get in the habit of practicing activities with your child such as holding a pencil, forming letters, and cutting out shapes. Since these are the activities your child will be doing in class, it’s best to try them out so that he/she will not be as stressed out when entering a kindergarten classroom.

Create Bedtime Routines

Get your preschooler started on regular bedtime routines about a month before school starts. It’s not uncommon for children to stay up a little bit later during the summer, and if that’s the situation in your home, gradually ease them back into a normal bedtime that you anticipate when school starts. Doing this will make the transition into kindergarten easier.

Develop Morning Routines

Preparing for school can sometimes be more time-consuming than expected. Try doing a rehearsal or a dry run of your new morning routine. This can be as simple as driving to your child’s new school, going to the new classroom together, or taking a walk to the bus stop with your child.

Put Independence in Motion at Home

It’s important for your child to establish some form of independence. You can help point your child in this direction by encouraging him/her to use the bathroom on their own or wash their hands without being told to do so. You can also motivate your child to dress themselves and clear his/her own dishes.

Instill Responsibility

Begin delegating small responsibilities to your child. You might want to put your child in charge of tasks such as refilling water bottles or emptying the backpack after a family trip. Assigning even the smallest tasks can help develop responsibility in your child.

Establish a Lunch Plan

Do a trial run of packing lunches in the morning so you know how much extra time you will need and what snacks you need to pack. If your child will be getting lunch at school, start gathering change and dollar bills. Once you know how much the school lunch costs, start counting out lunch money with your child.

Create a Before and After School Plan

If this applies to your situation, you and your child will need to know the routine for before-and after-school care. Have a conversation about how he/she will get to school and child care, and where he/she should go. It’s best to establish a backup plan for what your child should do in case you happen to be late.

Early Learning at Providence Children’s Academy

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