How Summer Camp Keeps Kids Active

summer camp

Summer camp can offer your child a variety of benefits, such as keeping them active, challenging them mentally and building friendships. It is important to keep these things in mind when deciding what to do with your child over the summer.

​​​​​​Promoting Physically Active

A big part of summer camp is physical activity. There are many benefits of being physically active in children, it can help with your child’s health and growth in various ways. It helps them build strong bones and muscles, improves their balance and maintain a healthy weight. It also allows them to test themselves when it comes to physical activity in a safe and nurturing environment

Becoming & Staying Physically Active

Summer camp provides your child with the option of many physical activities that they can participate in and hopefully find one they like the most and continue with and possibly excel in. Another benefit is promoting your child to do physical activity at a young age will help set them up later in life to maintain these healthy habits and remain active into their adulthood.

Promoting Mental Activity

During the summer months when your child is on a break from school, you may worry that your child will be affected by the summer slide, this is where your child faces a regression in their math and literary skills which then affects them when they return to school. Many summer camps include educational activities that can help with this, the activities are so fun your child won’t even know that they are learning

Less Screen Time

Many summer camp activities are not cell phone friendly, a good summer campy will keep your child engaged that they won’t even remember about their cell phone. If their camp does allow technology, allowing them time to “unplug” from their devices will hopefully encourage your child to take part and enjoy other activities and focus their attention on them and not their phone

Building Friendships & Social Skills

Summer camp provides your child with the best environment for social interactions, it allows them to take risks in social interactions and provides them with confidence for daily interactions

A lot of your child’s interaction at camp will involve team work and co-operation among children of various ages depending on the activity. An example of a summer camp activity where your child must interact with other children is canoeing. Here your child must cooperate, respect and trust the other children that are in the canoe in order to succeed. Taking part in this activity will also help your child create and build friendships with other children that they may not have approached under normal circumstances

Learning Social Cues

Summer camp is also a great opportunity for your child to learn various social cues. For example, during meal times, often during these times your child will eat with other children and will learn about social cues relating to eating. Some of these cues can include waiting for everyone to get their food, no burping at the table and allowing others to follow their religious beliefs such as saying a prayer before eating

Developing Confidence & Self Esteem

Summer camp is considered a great example for a child to make decisions and face consequences on their own without the intervention from their parents. Don’t be surprised if you see your child’s confidence and self-esteem increase when they return home from summer camp

Remember all the various benefits that summer camp has to offer your child and all the many ways that it can teach it to them. When deciding to send your child to summer camp, it is also important to keep your child in mind, what activities they like etc. and try and find an option that suits them best and allows them to excel. Make sure you leave time in your day to listen to all their fun summer camp stories

Providence Children’s Academy takes pride in providing the highest quality service to your children. We have summer camp activities that are fund for all children from ages 5 – 12. Exercising and healthy living is a goal we always strive to achieve in all summer camp activities we do. We also hope to give your child valuable life skills that they will use their entire life.

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