Mixing Tech and Play in Preschool Activities

Preschool Activities

Depending on where you went to preschool when you were younger, you can safely admit that preschool activities now vs preschool activities back then are very different. Many of us were not exposed to technology in the classroom and technology has now become an extremely huge part of our lives. When introducing your children to technology, there must be a balance between tech time and play time.

Too much time in front of a screen is harmful for your children, whereas too little means they may not be on the same level as other children their age. Preschool teachers need to be careful when using technology in the classroom, if utilized right it can be valuable for preschoolers but there is the risk of adding extra time in front of a screen that young children may already be getting at home.

Preschoolers at Providence Children’s Academy are always given the right balance of tech time and play time in the classroom. Educators at Providence Children’s Academy will ensure that preschoolers are taught good tech habits while in the classroom. These habits include understanding that there is a life outside of technology. Time spent playing outdoors or interacting directly with one another is better than trying to communicate solely through smart devices. We value the importance of play in preschool learning as interaction with one another teaches your child valuable social interaction skills, increases their cognitive abilities and ensures that they are aware of the world around them.

Strategies for the Classroom and Home

There are a variety of strategies that can be used in the classroom, but some are perfect for parents to use at home as well.

  • Teaching Preschoolers How to Use Technology Safely

    Educators can teach young children how to safely handle and use technology in ways that wont cause them any harm and will ensure that the device itself is not damaged. Tech devices can be expensive, but if your child learns to safely use the device, you won’t need to worry that they’ll in advertently harm themselves. Always try to find out what your child learnt at school that day and try to enforce the same “rules”

    For example: If the educator taught them that they shouldn’t eat and use technology, try to keep the rules the same at home.

  • Using Preschooler Friendly Hardware

    While you wouldn’t normally give a preschooler the same device that you use right away, there are child friendly devices available which will enable each child to develop their ability to recognize how things work as well as how to use these specific items. One child may already know how to use a mouse to open and close a specific program on the PC while another may not know. These children are then able to help their peers understand how to use the PC equipment.

  • Using Preschooler Friendly Software

    Don’t try to teach your young child to use Microsoft office – using age appropriate software will help their ability to learn and understand computer software. When educators and parents alike make use of age appropriate software that allows kids to have fun while learning, children are more likely to learn faster.

In today’s world it is very difficult to avoid the use of technology in the classroom, especially when children graduate from preschool and enroll in Elementary school. Your child will need to know how to safely use a variety of tech devices. However, sending your child to a hands-on preschool such as Providence Children’s Academy is one of the best decisions you could make. If you’d like more information on our hands-on approach to tech and play in the classroom, don’t hesitate to contact us at 954-570-6914.

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