Turkey Tots: Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Preschoolers


As Thanksgiving draws closer, your child is probably talking about the things they will be doing at their preschool. You may also be wondering what you can do to ensure that the Thanksgiving holiday is special for your preschooler and not just a big meal. Think of it as a great opportunity for your child to learn about history, gratitude, and the changes of the season while having loads of fun with the family.

Let your preschooler engage with your family traditions by blending educational content with some new hands-on activities and stories. This will allow them to grasp the holiday’s significance, spend quality time with their family, and enjoy some new, imaginative activities.

We also know that busy parents are short of time and possibly energy. We have chosen activities that are not too elaborate to execute while still focusing on the age appropriateness of what your preschooler should be learning. Here’s how you can effortlessly integrate the essence of Thanksgiving into simple activities so that your preschooler has cherished memories and will look forward to each future Thanksgiving.  Remember, it is most important to keep the activities light-hearted and fun.

Celebrate together with our list of 10 activities to make Thanksgiving for preschoolers unforgettable.

1. Scented Thanksgiving Paints And Turkey Hand Prints

You will need some washable paints, some scented oils, paper, a paintbrush, googly eyes, and a pen.

Scenting the Paints

Get your washable paints out and buy a couple of essential oils if you do not have any at home. Let your child select which smell they like. Some suggestions are Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin Spice, and Lavender.

Mix a couple of drops with each paint color. Your preschooler will smell the aromas and later will connect that fragrance to Thanksgiving day. This activity merges art with sensory exploration.

Hand Print Turkeys

The turkey is symbolic of Thanksgiving and an easy way to introduce preschoolers to the holiday.

Using your scented paint, let them paint their hands and press their hand on paper. Once the print has dried, add googly eyes, a beak, and feet. You can use buttons and pipe cleaners – let your imagination go wild. Your child’s fingers serve as the turkey’s feathers on the print. Encourage your child to talk about what they’re thankful for.

2. Thankful Tree

You will need some brown paper and coloring in crayons.

Draw a tree on the brown paper and cut out the tree. Draw some leaves and cut them out. Stick your tree on a wall. Each day, ask your preschooler to name something that they are thankful for. Write it on the paper leaf and add it to the tree.

3. Thanksgiving Stories for Preschoolers

  • Choose a line-up of Thanksgiving-themed books
  • Choose thematic books that introduce preschoolers to Pilgrims, Native Americans, and the spirit of gratitude that defined the first Thanksgiving.

4. Edible Tepees: A Snack and Craft in One

This activity is engaging, and educational, and provides an opportunity for creativity. You will need sugar cones, pretzel sticks, and cream cheese to craft mini tepees If you prefer, substitute peanut butter or chocolate for the cream cheese and consider including sprinkles or other edible decorations. As your preschooler assembles and snacks, discuss the significance of tepees in Native American culture.

5. A Cranberry Construction

A sensory and engineering activity. You will need toothpicks and fresh cranberries.

Using toothpicks and fresh cranberries, challenge preschoolers to build structures. This tactile play lets them explore construction while introducing them to a staple Thanksgiving fruit.

6. The Great Turkey Hide and Seek

A playful twist on the holiday’s central bird. You will need to make or purchase miniature turkey figurines.

Hide them around the house or garden and create a turkey hunt, intertwining fun with the holiday theme.

7. Corn Cob Art

A simple art project – you will need paper, paint, and dried corn cobs. Roll the dried corn cobs in paint. Let your child roll them on paper, creating patterns and textures. Messy but a lot of fun!

8. Floating Mayflower Experiment

A fusion of history and basic science. You will need a walnut shell, toothpick, and paper.

Let preschoolers experiment by making a little colored flag and gluing it around their toothpick. Stick your toothpick into the walnut shell. Float it in some water and learn about buoyancy while discussing the pilgrims’ journey.

9. Make a Mosaic With Corn Kernels

Corn played a major part in the food that was grown. You will need some dried corn/kernels, and glue. Using the corn kernels, let your child make a mosaic of their favorite vegetable.

10. Thanksgiving Time Capsule

A blend of the past and the future. You will need a small box.

With a small box, let your preschooler add drawings or tiny objects that represent Thanksgiving to them.

Seal it up and decide on a future date to open it together, reminiscing about this year’s celebrations.

With a little bit of effort, you can make Thanksgiving for your preschooler something to remember.

Nicole Rachel
Nicole Rachel
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Yaritzza Gonzalez
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Dan A
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