What Makes A Good After School Program?

Good After School Program

An after-school program is where your child goes outside of the normal school day, these programs incorporate many different areas of focus for your child to aid in their development and growth. While there are many benefits of after school care programs, it is important to make sure that the program right for both you and your child.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a good after school care program

Providing Academic Support

Many after school programs provide your child help with their homework when they need it. This can help to identify areas your child may be struggling with and give them the extra help that they need. Once the homework is done, children can play with other children and don’t have to worry about their homework when they get home. This also helps at home as they can spend quality time with you. If your child has learning or attention difficulties it is best to seek programs that have the capacity to cater for these.

The Environment

An important aspect for an after-school program is the environment. The environment should be safe yet allow your child the ability to play and have fun. Try and look out for things needed for an emergency at an after school care program, items such as an accessible first aid kit, emergency exits that can be easily located, an evacuation plan in place that the staff are aware of and are trained in, among some of the other safety features


Look to see if there is a schedule the children are encouraged to follow. For example, when they get to the facility, there is a break for snack and then homework should be completed. A schedule is good as it provides your child with structure and allows them to develop a routine.

Each child needs a schedule that is appropriate for their age, do they have homework, do they still need to nap? These individual schedules allow your child to thrive in the after-school program environment


Some after school programs cater to more than one school and provide your child with a more diverse group of children to interact with. This can be advantageous to your child as it allows them to have different experiences that they won’t usually have, such as exposure to different religions and customs. It also allows your child to expand beyond their school friendship group and branch out

General Key Points

Look to see if the after-school care program is encouraging good habits in your child. Things such as washing their hands before and after eating and various forms of sun protection when playing outdoors. Also look to see if the other children that are currently at the program are enjoying it and if you see a parent, don’t be afraid to ask how they find it

When looking for a good after school care program it is important to look at the environment your child will spend a lot of time in, the program and how the facility encourages socialization among children. An important aspect when your child is placed into any after school care is to see that they are improving and growing in various ways.

Providence Children’s Academy provides an all-around care approach when it comes to looking after your child after school. We aim to take care of your child’s physical, social, personal and emotional wellbeing while not focusing on a single aspect of education but rather an all-round program. We also encourage an open communication channel between teacher and parents, and report back on your child’s progress with us.

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