What To Expect In A High-Quality Infant Education Program

Infant Education Program

There are many things that contribute to a high-quality infant education program. Most importantly, infant education programs focus on creating a supportive learning environment that is safe for your child but offers them the most they can experience at their tender age. By exposing your infant to different environments during their key phases of development, you are able to watch your child’s personality take shape and better understand their temperament, needs, and requirements.

What Is An Infant Education Program?

An infant education program is designed to stimulate learning during the infancy years of your child, Our aim at Providence Children’s Academy is to nurture the growth of your child through well-planned activities that encourage new experiences. The program is based on the age of the child and where they are in the different stages of development, as well as keeping specific goals in mind for your child.

Each program is planned based on what infants need such as toys, shapes, textures, and sounds. A quality infant education program allows for individual needs being met whether it be focusing on walking or developing independence from parents. Learning does not only take place at the center, but parents are also equipped to practice the skills students learn, at home.

Areas Of Development In An Infant Education Program

Throughout the infant education program, we aim to achieve skills in development in four key areas:

  • Cognitive Skills

    Children are able to play through imitating adults. Because they are in a safe place, they’re able to practice the cause-and-effect of their actions without too much pressure. This teaches them social cues from an early stage.

  • Social and Emotional Skills

    Our staff guides your infant into learning basic social cues and correct behavior, such as sharing, taking turns, manners and how to treat one another. Throughout the program, they’ll make friends, play and have the opportunity to express themselves around other babies.

  • Language Skills

    Learning new words and being part of a conversation gives babies a chance to develop language skills. While your baby learns to express themselves, we encourage any attempt to converse, through sounds and words and in turn, respond to them so that they begin to notice how a conversation essentially works.

  • Physical Development

    Standing, walking, climbing, and sitting are all new experiences for your infant. Your children are able to grow their independence by practicing these skills on a daily basis until it sticks They’re in a safe place so falling down is not a bad thing. All our activities are aimed at allowing babies to move around and explore their surroundings.

The environment is one of the most important elements of our infant education program.

Because infants are easily overwhelmed, we like to make things as simple as possible. Bright lights and cluttered rooms tend to overpower young minds. Part of creating a calm and safe environment for our young students includes having familiar objects and images around them. Open spaces, indoors and outdoors, give children the freedom to explore. They’re able to move around without the confinement of a carrier or stroller which strengthens their growing muscles.

The furniture within the center creates an exciting atmosphere for children as they’re built in child-size. Kids can play with the comfort of knowing that the furniture is safe and sturdy. We introduce interesting materials, toys, and objects for children to play with such as balls and blocks in different sizes and textures. This contributes to both the physical and cognitive development of an infant as they visualize what they can do with these objects.

We offer a range of storybooks and educational books for the enjoyment of your child. Our staff can read to them, or they can play with the books as they please.

At Providence Children’s Academy, we approach learning as a family. We have created an environment conducive for learning at all ages and pride ourselves in being a top choice for early education. Quality infant education programs are part of our vision for preparing your child for the school career that lies ahead of them. It also encourages the development of skills required in daily life. This is done through music and sound, infant developmental games, and the freedom to socialize with other babies in a protected space.

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