Why Choose Your Local Preschool For Early Education?

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There are a lot of choices that come with being parents, and one of the most important is deciding which local preschool you want to register for. The early years are filled with so much learning and joy, and they set the foundation for the school years to come. This is why early years education is so vital: this is the cornerstone that your child will use to foster their growth. So, how do you choose which local preschool is right for you, and what sets them apart?

Your Local Preschool: The Benefits for You and Your Child

local preschool

There are a million reasons to choose your local preschool for your child, but one of the most important is community — and, of course, convenience! Having your child enrolled in a local school lets them build friendship networks with other children who also live nearby, as well as reducing your commute time in the mornings. Your local community acts as a support system, and as a parent, you may find great friends in the families of your children’s peers. At Providence Children’s Academy, we run social events like science fairs and graduation parties, where you can reach out to others through the preschool’s network.

Socialization plays a key role in early years education, one that lots of people often forget about. While early years education has a focus on learning essential skills and paving the way for further schooling, it’s in the preschool years that children start to learn essential social skills, too. The classroom environment teaches them how to respect others, listen to the teachers and group leaders, and get along with other children. Skills like sharing, communication, and kindness are taught both at home and at preschool, and the preschool you choose needs to ensure that they’re supporting all areas of development.

However, early education still sets educational milestones that need to be achieved. The term “early education” can cover anything from birth all the way up to 8 years old — clearly, there’s a lot of different kinds of learning in this age range! Looking at preschool education specifically, the milestones include setting the foundations for first grade and beyond and fostering creativity in an educational environment.

You want a local preschool that has a heavy focus on a curriculum that is delivered through play and interactive experiences. Preschool children learn through play: they learn by exploring the world around them, interacting with others, and asking questions in their own way. The right preschool will present them with entertaining activities that promote fine and gross motor skills and early math and literacy skills.

Why Providence Children’s Academy?

At Providence Children’s Academy, we know how to create a learning environment that’s entertaining, educational, and socially supportive. We know there’s more to early preschool education than just play and daycare, and we want the best for every child who visits us. As a local preschool in Coconut Creek, we focus on every aspect of a child’s time with us, including:

  • Nutrition: Children don’t just learn at preschool, they have their meals here, too! Our menus are balanced and flavorful, and we cater to a wide range of allergies and dietary requirements.
  • Security: Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance. Our grounds are entirely secure, with fingerprint entry, webcam viewing for parents, and we keep exit doors locked throughout the day.
  • Qualified Staff: Our staff aren’t just qualified teachers, they’re also first aid and CPR trained. They’re on hand foster educational development, social and emotional development, and have a great hand in keeping the premises safe throughout the day. In addition, they provide personalized parent interaction to keep you up to date on your child’s learning and assessments.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Promotion: Like good nutrition, we place a heavy emphasis on balanced living with healthy lifestyle promotion. We have a non-toxic outdoor playground with bikes, and we believe that time outdoors is essential for children of all ages. In the preschool years, it’s easy for energy to build up quickly. Time spent actively playing can help keep your children healthy and enjoy time outdoors with their friends.
  • Cleanliness: A clean environment is conducive both to learning and health. We have our preschool cleaned professionally every week, and toys and learning areas are cleaned daily.

When choosing a local preschool, you also need to look at the next few years of education. While children start from very young in a more daycare-like environment, eventually, they transition to preschool. A preschool that can support your child’s learning and development over time, can help reduce stress from changing environments and caregivers.

All of these factors come into play in tandem, but the most important factor is that your child is happy in a nurturing and educational environment, with teachers who will do their best to ensure the well-rounded development of their students. A curriculum that places emphasis on all areas of learning and development is essential. We encourage you to reach out and critically assess the learning plans your local preschools are offering in order for you to find the best fit.

Preschool and VPK in Broward County

local preschool

At Providence Children’s Academy, we offer six key focus programs. We have classes for infants (starting at 6 weeks), one, two, and three-year-olds, a VPK program for four-year-oldsafter-school care, and a summer camp. Each of the early years’ programs are divided by curricula and assessment levels, with age-appropriate development skills and play provided for children from 6 weeks of age.

We teach music, literacy, math, fine and gross motor skills, and the beginnings of social and emotional intelligence, along with so much more. Childhood early learning encompasses a wide scope, and we’re here to provide the best environment we can for your children’s educational and developmental foundation.

Check out everything we have to offer your family at Providence Children’s Academy and give us a call to get started on enrollment today at 954-570-6914.

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