Why Preschool Programs That Focus On Early Learning Are So Important

Preschool Programs

As parents we may have different parenting skills, however, one thing we have in common is we want our children to succeed in life. The first few years of a child’s life is critical for the development of skills that form the foundation for future years. This can be stressful for working parents who may not be able to physically be present 24/7.

A preschool program that focuses on early learning development can help reduce this stress. As well as giving working parents peace of mind that their child is safe and receiving a quality education, there are a number of reasons preschool programs are essential.

Early Education

Early childhood education is a broad term that refers to any educational program available to children before they enter kindergarten. These programs do not only focus on teaching basic skills but also on developing critical social and emotional skills. It is during this time that a child develops interests and learns how to interact with other people.

The Importance Of Early Education

Research has shown that a variety of skills needed in life are established before kindergarten. During these first few years, the human brain undergoes rapid development where skills are built and social-emotional growth takes place. Making the most of this developmental period, while maximizing support and learning opportunities, could help to set our children on a clearer path to success.

Various aspects of development are encouraged duringearly childhood educational programs:

  • Physical

    Arm and leg movements are known as large motor skills, while finger and hand movements are small motor skills. Teachers help to develop your children’s small and large motor skills with the help of physical activities and equipment. Both indoor and outdoor activities allow for healthy bones and muscles to develop in children.

  • Social

    Social development allows children to connect with others. Children are shown how to respect and work together, building their social and language skills. Teachers also work on self-control and acceptable forms of conflict resolution.

  • Emotional

    This is where a child learns to understand their feelings and those of others. This process of recognizing and managing emotions and behaviors is helped along by teachers. Showing concern for others, who may be feeling different emotions, is emphasized to children. Motivation is used to build self-esteem, especially during difficult tasks and trying new things.

  • Cognitive

    Learning to think more complexly, children make decisions and solve problems – all of which develop their thinking skills. Exploring and asking questions lets children use the information to understand the world around them. The way children view learning affects their thinking skills which are why teachers use the following techniques to make it positive:

    • Provide interesting materials and enough time to explore them
    • Encourage complex play and thinking
    • Ask questions
  • Language and Literacy

    Language and literacy help children to understand and communicate. Listening, talking, reading and writing skills are all connected and encouraged by teachers to learn new concepts.

What Does Quality Look Like?

Preschool programs have numerous benefits for children but are only successful if they offer a high-quality education program. The quality of a childhood education program can be judged according to three factors:

  • Interpersonal interactions- a child’s experience which is created by the teacher
  • Physical environment- a safe place for children to explore and learn
  • Program support structure- the presence of quality leadership and resources

High-quality preschool programs are important and beneficial to the development of your child. If you’re still not fully convinced, please feel free to phone us at Providence Children’s Academy.  We are passionate about what we do and our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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