A Comprehensive Guide For Parents To Florida VPK

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Every parent wants their child to get the best start in life. One of the best ways to do that is to enroll them in a Voluntary Pre-kindergarten program (VPK). Florida VPK provides children with early childhood education to help prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

Read on to learn more about VPK from the staff at Providence Children’s Academy.

What Is Involved In A VPK Program?

VPK programs are provided by an organization called the Early Learning Coalition (ELC). In just one academic year, children in this program complete 540 instructional hours that help improve motor, verbal, and critical thinking skills.

This program is free in the state of Florida for children who will be four years old before September 1st. The program is successful in large part because of the individualized attention from experienced and qualified educators who want your child to succeed as much as you, their parent, do.

Registering For A Florida VPK Program

You will need your child’s social security number to prove their age. Other eligible forms for registration include a birth certificate, Florida immunization records, a passport, or a military ID. You will also need to prove you are a Florida resident with an address that matches the one on your driver’s license. Pay stubs, mortgage statements, lease agreements, or recent utility bills can be used as additional proof of residency.

Registration with the ELC can be done online or in person. You can include the required documents in a PDF attachment or visit a local office with copies of the required paperwork. Keep in mind that these documents will not be returned, so make sure you have enough copies to keep. You will receive a certificate of eligibility once your registration has been approved. Depending on how you applied, you will receive it as a PDF in your email or as two hard copies at the ELC office.

Choosing A Florida VPK

Once you receive your certificate of eligibility, it’s time to start looking for a VPK provider. You can find a list of early education providers in your county from your local ELC office and read reviews online. This process can only be done once, so it’s important to do thorough research before making your decision.  Your decision may depend on various factors that will best fulfill your child’s needs.

The Best Florida VPK Program For Your Child

Providence Children’s Academy is one of South Florida’s leading institutions for early childhood education. We are known for creating a safe, healthy environment that allows parents direct involvement with the education their children receive.

We hold regular parent-teacher conferences throughout the year so you can track your child’s progress and learn how to continue that educational process at home during break seasons and over the holidays.

Our curriculum focuses on various aspects of learning, from musical education to reading and writing, colors, shapes, and more. We use the latest technologies to assist the learning process, including an interactive, hands-on computer called a Smart Board.

To learn more about our VPK program, as well as other programs we offer, call today at 954-570-6914 to speak with a member of our staff.

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