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Quiet Time Preschool Activities For Young Children

Even when children have outgrown nap time, they still benefit from an hour or two of less intense play. After a busy day of preschool learning, quiet time allows them to recharge so they can make it through the rest of the day’s activities without a nap. We know it can feel as if your […]

Develop Reading Skills With Pre-K Education

Learning to read can be an overwhelming feat for young students. Placing a book full of words in front of them can cause them to totally forget everything they’ve learned. Our experience has taught us that when they’ve been eased into the skill, where they were given a chance to get comfortable with letters and […]

Playful Games & Activities For Preschool Class

Preschoolers love to learn through hands-on games and activities. They definitely won’t learn by sitting through a full lecture in their preschool class, so making sure that they have something to create or a problem to solve is a wonderful way to help expand their minds and get them ready for the schooling years to […]

What Are The Most Important Aspects Of Infant Childcare?

If you’re a parent or a parent-to-be, your little one is going to be your first priority and you’ll naturally only want the best infant childcare for them. Having someone care for your child or sending them to daycare can bring feelings of guilt. If you struggle with this, remember many parents need two incomes […]

Holiday Inspired Crafts & After School Activities

The festive season is upon us and what better way to get your kids excited than to have them create their own holiday crafts to display in your home. Craft time is an important after school activity to get your children to think creatively and enjoy themselves while still feeling like they’ve made something special. […]

How To Get Daycare Students Excited About Math

Math is a difficult subject. Not because it’s a difficult school subject, but because we can’t seem to talk about it without some heavy stigma. It is conveyed often as something “regular” kids cannot naturally enjoy. It is conveyed as something they are going to struggle with. Faced with all this, how do we begin […]

What To Expect In A High-Quality Infant Education Program

There are many things that contribute to a high-quality infant education program. Most importantly, infant education programs focus on creating a supportive learning environment that is safe for your child but offers them the most they can experience at their tender age. By exposing your infant to different environments during their key phases of development, […]

What To Look For In An After School Program

An after school program should allow children to have fun, be themselves, and enable them to explore their personality in a safe and nurturing environment. How do you know that the after school program you are considering is right for you and your child? Here are a few key things to ask when looking at […]

The Top Reasons Why Infant Daycare Rocks

The best way to determine why infant daycare rocks is to ask the right people. Yes, we mean professionals with access to information about infant development and how it is beneficial for your child’s social and emotional development. But we also mean the people who benefit most in the short term – the parents. Day […]

How VPK Can Help Your Child

One of the many advantages of living in Florida is the access your 4-year-old has to the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) program. This program is free to all families and allows any child the opportunity to gain a headstart in coping with school life. At Providence Children’s Academy, we provide high-quality VPK to start your child’s learning […]

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