The Importance Of A Local Preschool Focused On Your Child’s Success

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Preschools have come a long way since the days when kids were sent off for the morning so mom could clean the house. Using teaching techniques and a specific curriculum, good preschools focus on early childhood development. Their goal is to equip young children with the skills they need for school and life.

If you’ve searched online for a“preschool near me,” you may be sitting with a list and wondering which preschool will be best for your child.

Keep reading for insight into what defines success for a young child, and how to recognize a preschool aimed at helping your child succeed.

What Makes A Child Successful?

Success at preschool age may look different for individual children. Each child develops at their own pace. There’s no exam they take to determine whether they’re making the grade or not. To recognize a preschooler’s success, consider the following areas:

Emotional Development

You can recognize healthy emotional development by gauging if your child is learning to understand and express their feelings in appropriate ways. In time, they gain control over their emotions and how they react to them. A sure sign of emotional development is when they begin to think about how others are feeling, too.

Learning Social Skills

Social skills such as playing together, respecting others, communicating, self-control, and sharing are an important part of going to school. Teachers help this process by guiding the children through resolving conflicts that may come up during playtime or in class. You can ask the school how they handle conflict between the children and decide whether it’s constructive.

Stretching Their Attention Span

It is hard for little people to sit still and focus for more than a few minutes at a time. A preschool with a structured program can help stretch a child’s capacity for paying attention. Success in this area is seeing them be able to focus for longer periods of time as the school year progresses.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Craft activities such as cutting paper, sculpting objects, and using markers encourage the development of a child’s fine motor skills. Mastering any of these activities that they couldn’t do before counts as a success. Refining their techniques, such as gaining more control over a paintbrush or learning to cut more neatly, are also clear wins.

Learning To Listen

The ability to listen is another area where success can be measured. Children learn to follow directions and are gradually exposed to more complex commands. Completing instructions accurately shows their development.

Listening and understanding what is being said is another aspect of listening that can be checked. For example, you might read a story and ask children about the characters or storyline.

Early Problem-Solving

Problem-solving skills for kids are essential. Preschool develops this skill in their learners by presenting challenges and giving children time and space to figure things out. Teachers are on hand to provide guidance, but they encourage the children to explore creative options. Puzzles, memory games, and building blocks are all examples of problem-solving activities.

Finding A Preschool Invested In Your Child’s Success

To find a preschool committed to your child’s success, keep all these points in mind. Get a feel for the school by reading the “About” section on the website and find one that resonates with you. When you visit the school, feel free to ask questions and look for a wide variety of stimulating activities both indoors and outdoors.

Providence Children’s Academy is committed to seeing your child develop and succeed in all these areas, with plenty of time and space for fun and laughter sprinkled in between. Call today at 954-570-6914 to speak with our staff and schedule a tour.

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