Role Of Licensed Preschool Providers In School Readiness

licensed preschool providers

School readiness is one of the many important reasons for sending your child to preschool. While learning begins at home before a child even enters a preschool setting, having licensed preschool providersto prepare your child for kindergarten will aid them in success through high school and into adulthood.

Licensed Preschool Providers Understand Learning Styles

Qualified preschool teachers understand the different learning styles for children, so your child can best comprehend the lesson. These providers have undergone the necessary training to help your child learn and thrive.

Providers Know How Your Child Will Learn In Later Years

Licensed preschool providers know how to set your child up for learning success in kindergarten. Understanding what your child needs to know before they can build on that education in the following year is essential for later achievements. Understanding how these lessons will be taught by future teachers helps these providers teach children in such a way that they can comprehend the material more easily.

Providers Understand Early Childhood Development

There is so much more to being an effective preschool provider than teaching children reading fundamentals. Providers must know when children are and aren’t meeting developmental milestones. They play a key role in helping identify developmental delays or learning disabilities. Their efforts assist caregivers to seek out additional assessments and resources that can help the child early on. Interventions are most successful when caught early and at a young age.

Providers Encourage Social Learning

Licensed preschool providers know how to encourage social interactions among peers. When implemented correctly, your children will learn how to share, play, and interact with others. This does wonders for developing social skills that are necessary for success in later school years. It also helps build on social development that will help them form healthy relationships throughout their lives.

Choosing A Licensed Preschool Provider Adds Peace of Mind

To become a licensed provider, preschool educators will need to obtain a background check to ensure they have not been convicted of certain crimes. Knowing that your child is in good care will help give you peace of mind, knowing your child’s education is in good hands.

Experienced Providers Can Help Build Cognitive Skills

Cognitive development skills will help your child learn to problem-solve and think critically. Licensed providers know how to build these skills through fun and engaging activities. Your child will learn through play and advance their cognitive development skills when they attend a preschool program with qualified providers.

Preschool Versus Daycare

Your child will probably not achieve optimal school readiness if they attend a daycare rather than a preschool. While some daycare providers are educated in early childhood development, their goals aren’t usually to prepare a child for their school years. Their goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

A quality preschool provides this environment as well, but also offers opportunities to advance your child’s development on every level. In general, most children who attend a preschool with experienced licensed providers perform better during grade school and beyond.

Choosing A Licensed Preschool Provider In South Florida

Choosing the best preschool in South Florida can feel overwhelming. You’ll want to make sure there is a strong focus on social interaction with other students in addition to basic academic learning opportunities.

At Providence Children’s Academy, our VPK program helps prepare your child for school, and our staff of licensed providers plays an integral role in helping your child succeed.

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