Fun Summer Camp Crafts For Your Preschooler

summer camp crafts

Keeping kids happily busy during summer camp just got a whole lot more fun with these colorful craft ideas. Tackling simple projects together is great because your children can get involved in the whole process—setting up, making the item, and, finally, playing with it once the work is finished. This is a complete win for busting boredom. These are some of our favorite summer camp crafts!

Cheeky Chalk Paint That’s Perfect For Sidewalks

This paint is easy to make, easy to wash off and will keep the kids busy for hours. Chalk paint can be used for paper or paving. (For paper, use a cornstarch to water ratio of 1:1)

You’ll Need

  • Cornstarch – ½ cup
  • Water – 2/3 cup
  • Food Coloring
  • Large paintbrushes
  • A handy sidewalk

How To Make Chalk Paint

  1. Mix the water and cornstarch. You’ll know you’re done when the cornstarch has dissolved.
  2. Pour the mixture into a painting tray or a muffin tin, dividing it up equally.
  3. Add food coloring. Don’t be scared to make the colors deep and vibrant as they tend to lighten a lot as the paint dries
  4. You’re ready to get painting!

Other Things To Try

Once you’ve mixed up a batch of chalk paint, it’s time to get creative!

  • Let the kids mix colors and come up with new shades of their own.
  • Don’t stick to paintbrushes, let them paint their hands and feet and leave their mark on the sidewalk. Soap and water wash the paint off easily. No stain marks were left on the sidewalk or their skin.
  • Chalk paint is perfect for marking out a game of hopscotch.

Paint-By-Pouring Plant Pots

Revamp tired flowerpots with this fun paint activity that is easy to do, and creates beautiful results. Painted flowerpots are a simple way to add splashes of color to a room or porch. They also make great gifts. This is art with a difference!

What You’ll Need

  • Empty flower pots
  • Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
  • Tape
  • Spray Varnish
  • Old clothes!

How To Make Paint-By-Pouring Plant Pots

  1. Start by taping up the holes at the bottom of the pots from the inside.
  2. Balance the pots upside down on bricks, over a protected surface – this can get messy!
  3. This is the fun part … begin pouring paint onto the bottom of the pot, until it runs down the sides. If you’re aiming for a marbled effect, simply pour the new colors on top of the first coat of paint while it’s still wet and watch as they drip off the edge and mix, making beautiful patterns.
  4. Once you’ve got the look you want, leave the pots to dry. Your preschooler will have to practice patience at this point, because the paint can take a day or two to dry.
  5. Once the paint is properly dry, seal it with a few layers of spray on varnish. These don’t have to be used for plants, but make great containers for stationery, small toys or anything else you can think of.

DIY Window Chalk-Paint

Children love being able to paint on windows! There is something magical about seeing their artwork light up as the sun shines through it. This window chalk isn’t expensive and washes off easily—two big bonuses!

You’ll Need

  • Disposable cups (one for each color)
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Dishwashing liquid (avoid those with bleach or other additives)

How To Make DIY Window Chalk

  1. Set your cups out on a flat surface.
  2. Use the mortar and pestle to grind a stick of sidewalk chalk to fine powder. Measure how much dust you have (this is important.)
  3. Place the chalk powder into a disposable cup.
  4. Use double the amount of dish washing liquid to chalk. Less liquid will give you a more solid color, more liquid will give the paint a see-through effect that light shines through.
  5. Repeat the steps for each different color chalk. Make sure to clean the mortar and pestle in between colors to avoid muddying the colors.
  6. Let their inner artists come out all over the windows.

Bubbly Rainbow Snakes

If you’re looking for a fun activity that you can pull off without a shop trip for supplies, this might be it! This is definitely an outdoor craft, best done on grass as it gets messy. Just a warning: if your kids play with the bubbles (and what kids wouldn’t?) the food coloring will stain their hands and clothes. Dress them in some old clothes, give them disposable gloves if you want, and they can play freely.

What You’ll Need

  • A plastic bottle
  • Gel or liquid foodcoloring
  • An old sock
  • Rubber bands
  • Dish soap
  • Disposable bowl
  • Water

How To Make A Bubbly Rainbow Snake

  1. Cut the bottom of the bottle off, about halfway up the length of the bottle. You’ll be using the top half of the bottle with the mouth opening for blowing.
  2. Cut your sock short enough to fit over the top half of the bottle. Use rubber bands to secure it in place.
  3. Pour ¼ cup of water into the disposable bowl. Add 2-3 tablespoons of dish soap and stir it in.
  4. Dot circles of food coloring onto your sock working your way around the cut edge of the bottle towards the center. The foot-part of the sock that covers the open end of the bottle should be covered in colored dots by the time you’re done.
  5. Cover the dotted area of the sock with drops of dish soap.
  6. Now the fun really starts! Dip the colorful end of your sock into the water in the bowl, just enough to wet it without making it soggy. Blow through the mouth of the bottle and watch your rainbow snake grow!
  7. As you find your snake losing color, simply re-dot the sock with food coloring and soap, dip it in the water, and start blowing.

Summer Camp At Providence – Where The Crafty Fun Continues

Here at Providence Children’s Academy we are firm believers in learning through play. Our summer camps are full of fun! Our teachers are creative individuals who delight in creating all sorts of fun things for our children to do, knowing that they will be absorbing skills and knowledge every step of the way. If you’re looking for a place for your child to thrive, call us today at (954) 570-6914. We look forward to welcoming you to the Providence family.

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