Childhood Education Activities That Promote Space Exploration

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Many kids, especially the preschool-aged set, are fascinated by looking at the sky. This is a great time to introduce the subject of outer space, and all the stars, planets, and more that exist up there. For every child who’s ever gazed at the moon or wished on shooting stars, here is a brief list of fun, age-appropriate activities to add to your early childhood education curriculum to encourage an ongoing fascination with outer space. These activities are so fun, kids won’t realize that they’re also learning!

Make A Model Solar System

This tried-and-true staple of kids’ science projects is also appropriate for the preschool-aged set. There are many ways to do this, and endless ways to be creative, which makes it ideal for children. Use a cardboard box to hang fruits as planets, or make them out of Styrofoam balls, papier mache, glow-in-the-dark stars…the possibilities here are endless!

Turn The Moon Phases into A Snack

Kids love Oreos, and teachers love making the ordinary into a teachable moment. Oreo cookies are great for teaching different phases of the moon. Kids can scrape away the frosting to make crescent or half-moon shapes. Best of all, they can eat the lesson when you’re done!

Make Constellations with Marshmallows

Marshmallows with toothpicks are a great way to represent constellations for kids. Teach kids about the Big and Little Dippers, Orion, Ursa Major, and more. Best of all, this is another lesson that can be eaten when finished.

Use Clay to Create Model Planets

Use non-toxic clay to form the individual planets of the solar system, telling kids some facts about each one as they work. To save on clay usage, you can have kids cover foam balls so there will be enough clay left for another project.

Use Cardboard Tubes as Spaceships Or Telescopes

This project is both educational and sustainable, as it recycles cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes. Have kids collect these from home and use them to create spaceships or telescopes. A fun early childhood education project that can also be used at recess.

Use Planetary-Themed Word Cards

Print off some space-themed word cards to use in class which will teach kids about the planets, space shuttles, asteroids, meteors, the moon, and more.

Read Kids’ Books on Space

There are so many kids books about outer space, it may be overwhelming to figure out which ones to choose. We recommend Dr. Seuss’ There’s No Place Like Space and the Magic School Bus series to start with.

Use Space-Themed Activity Books

Coloring books or activity books are not only entertaining, but also help young children develop motor skills, communication, and hand-eye coordination. They also work well for older children as well.

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