The Characteristics Of A Quality After School Program

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After school programs are by nature an extension of the home, more than of school. The ideal environment is warm, caring, and fun, with much attention given to the individual needs of each child. Activities are carefully planned to make the most of each afternoon in a thoughtful and balanced way. Here is our list of the top seven characteristics that you should look for in a quality after school program.

1. Caring Environment

A quality program creates an environment in which children feel safe and cared for, and their self-worth is nurtured. They also learn important self-care skills that they will carry through the rest of their school career, and into adulthood.

2. Emphasis On Social Development

It is the ideal place for children to develop their social skills in an informal setting. Many opportunities are created for them to grow in the understanding of, and respect for other cultures. They get to practice conflict management in a safe environment, as well as the important ability to negotiate peacefully. Life skills such as sharing, and meeting the needs of others, are all developed in a natural, organic way with adults close by to step in if needed.

3. Opportunities For Fun And Play

After spending hours cooped up in a classroom, what children need most is the opportunity to play. Outdoor play is especially important to refresh their minds and bodies. All the energy that has built up through a day of sitting in class can be channeled into playful activities that will develop their skills and fitness.

4. Learning That Excites

It should never feel like an extra-long school day. The time set aside for homework and studies is presented in a different way to school to make it enjoyable and get the children excited to learn. This also helps them establish good study habits at a young age. Personal homework assistance makes it possible to fill any gaps in understanding that the child may have in their school work and solidify any concepts that are unclear to them. This provides a solid foundational understanding to build on for future learning.

5. Balanced Activities To Stimulate Young Minds

Planned activities that spark curiosity and grow critical problem-solving skills are provided daily. Children learn as they play. Activities that support what they are learning in school will add another layer of understanding, which will help them to excel.

6. Quiet Times

Space and time are provided for children to be quiet and restful when they need it. Quiet times for studying are also set aside.

7. Physical Activities

Children are encouraged to take part in sports activities. Individual sports are a great way of developing self-esteem as they offer built-in goals and targets as children work towards beating their personal best. When it comes to group or team sports, the lessons shift to conflict resolution and cooperation. Being part of a team and working toward a common goal is an invaluable experience that will prepare them for success in their future careers.

Surprising Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Quality After School Program

The obvious benefit is how much pressure it takes off home life. Sending a child home with their homework already completed and all their studying done, leaves parents free to play games or read stories with their children, instead of having to coach their tired offspring through homework and studies. Homelife becomes far more relaxed. There are other valuable benefits too, such as:

  • They will help your child develop a positive, strong relationship with adults in a wholesome way.

  • Time and space are given for the children to connect with each other to build relationships with their peers.

  • Activities provide challenges for the children to rise to, which builds their self-confidence.

  • By focusing on the child’s strengths, they develop a positive approach to any challenge that they face.

  • Early leadership skills are given the opportunity to emerge and be honed.

Holistic After School Program That Offers A Balanced Approach

At Providence Children’s Academy, we embrace a holistic approach that equally values your child’s physical, emotional, social, and personal wellbeing. Call us today at (954) 570-6914 to find out more about our after school program.

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